Commercial Impact of the Internet on Society

The Internet has caused a great revolution in society, allowing people from all over the world to communicate their ideas and feelings. the internet has also changed the way society treats people. it has allowed minor groups much more power than they had in real life. there are many changes to society because of the internet, whether such changes enhance or ruin our life is up to us some of the changes on the society are given in the following sections

Commercial Impact of the Internet on Society

Working from Home

The workplace is becoming stressful for many people, with long hours, polluted air in big cities, and transportation problems. the internet offers an alternative way to work from home. businessmen outsource work and enable their staff to work at home. However, this system works on very limited projects and on computer-oriented jobs till now.

Freedom of speech

The internet allows anyone who may not have the courage, to reach out to others with their ideas. this means that people who have a certain view can get support without being worried about others laughing at them.

Crime ON/THROUGH the internet

Internet helps us to connect with the whole world for the exchange of our views and material. with the help of the internet, we can send e-mail messages, sell any items as well as purchase any items and we can use video conferencing.

However, these are some of the uses which are helpful for us, but many crimes are also sneaking into the internet. here are some of the crimes which are done using the internet.
  1. Illegal or offensive material shown on Web sites.
  2. Computerized fraud
  3. Disgusting e-mails
  4. Viruses

Shopping online

You would have seen a number of television advertisements for internet shopping sites. online shopping is possible on the internet these days. by selling/purchasing items over the internet, companies save money or hire shop workers.

Moreover, people can make purchases sitting at home. the advantage for the buyers is that the internet shops sell their goods at a much lower price. buyers are able to buy a much different variety of items without getting stood at a busy shopping center.

Governance on the Internet

Internet is being used for holding meetings with District Magistrates and other people in authority. in some states in India, land documents are being computerized so that people can get details just by a press of a button. in the field of education, the results of various examinations are shown on the websites of the Universities and Board of Education. Newer and newer applications are emerging every day for reducing the effort for implementing government rules using the internet.


Chief executing officers (CEOs) of the organization, these days hold video conferences over the internet for their junior officers. this is a method where they talk face to face using web cameras and internet facilities. this is called NetMeeting.


Several financial and other types of reports of private companies are transferred from one department to another department (through the internet in the formats that any person who uses this information can easily access it). since any information residing on databases can be transferred, the internet is used for easy access.

Internet serves as an excellent interface for submitting and transferring various types of documents that previously had to be written on paper and sent by normal mail.

Online Registration

Many universities and institutions provide training using online enrollment forms. thus students do not waste time sending the forms by normal postal service.

Commerce on the Internet

The ability to compose, send and receive electronic mail is enormously helpful in doing business on the internet. many people use e-mail as the primary way of interacting with the outside world. the message becomes available to the addresses as soon as it is sent. unlike telephone calls, both parties need not be available simultaneously for communication to succeed.

A computer-based message system (CBMS) such as local area network electronic mail, has many advantages over terminal-based electronic delivery systems. LAN electronic mail allows users to create, send, receive and store messages. mail can be sent to individuals or groups. in addition to supporting direct communications, the CBMS permits computers to store messages for reference, forwarding, and for a variety of their purposes.

Another method of doing business on the internet is setting up a website where you display all your products, service, and any other facilities available to you. the web surfer can get all the information from your website and put his/her query on a form. these are received by the owner of the website and he/she gives the response. in this method, the cost of publishing information is very small. in case orders are placed by the customers they can be executed very fast. presently you can book an air ticket, railway reservation, and purchases through your credit card over the internet.

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