Cloud Computing | Types | Characteristics | Advantages

Cloud computing is a computing method that provides and set of services hosted by the internet providers over the internet. these services include storage servers, development environment and the software that are ready to use, and the infrastructures that use the communication methods and data to process and give output. cloud computing is used as a metaphor that provides services over the internet to every user.

Cloud Computing | Types | Characteristics | Advantages

The seven characteristics that every cloud computing service have

  1. All the services are hosted on the internet. and all the services are provided to customers on-demand without any human intervention.
  2. A customer can use any or all services at any time on the period of contract base.
  3. A customer can increase or decrease the space, capacity or server, bandwidth, or access to additional tools that he required and need to pay only for that service that he is using.
  4. All the services are managed by the service providers and no customer can involve or does not have to pay or invest to build any service except the access device. and customer can access all the service from any device like computer, laptop, or mobile device from any place and at any time by the customer.
  5. All the services are accessible from all over the world, and more than one person can use the same service at the same time.
  6. A load of every service is automatically balanced by the provider to optimize the user experience. and also customers can maximize or minimize the control resources based on the cost.
  7. All the service provider signs a Service Level Agreement with the customers to provide a better reach to the users and also both service provider and customer follow the privacy and guidelines.

Types of Cloud

  1. public cloud
  2. private cloud
  3. hybrid cloud
  4. community cloud

public cloud

A public cloud is available to all the users and sells the services to anyone using charges. and at a time more than one user can access these services. for example, Amazon's web service is a public cloud service that provides storage and space to store the database. also, other companies like google provide some cloud services that are easy and free to use such as Gmail, google drive, docs, etc.

all the public clouds provide a unique IP address and block of space to the users. and to manage the multiple requests at a time hypervisor is installed on the server that is maintained by the providers. and customers use the API (application programmer interface) to easily use, access and configure their service. and all the additional resources can be downloaded over the internet to configure a service with detailed instructions. and this kind of service is called infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Private cloud

A private cloud is a cloud that provides its services to a single customer. and this type of cloud can be owned by both self user or by the provider.

Hybrid cloud

A Hybrid cloud is a cloud that has the functionality of both public and private clouds. this type of service is used by an organization that can firstly run all its services on the private cloud and if there is any service that is required by the users then it can go to the public cloud.

Community cloud

A community cloud is created based on the requirement of a set of groups that serves some functionality and uses cases to use by the group.

Services provided by cloud

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service

In IaaS all the services are maintained by the provider and any customer can deploy their application and software by providing the cost.

Platform as a Service

In PaaS, all the services are accessed by an API and installed on a provider's space.

Software as a Service

In SaaS, the application is hosted on the website or provided to download on the user's system for a specific time for managing a thing such as Gmail or goog drive that uses for mail and storage.

Advantage of Cloud computing services

  1. In terms of deploying a system, an organization need not buy a specific space and spend to maintain and upgrade the system.
  2. When needed a user can easily request for upgrading of tools such as more space and more bandwidth, location of the server, etc.
  3. any type of group such as small medium and large can use the cloud services on the basis of their requirements.
  4. all the services are quality assured because of Service Level Agreements.
  5. If any tool fails in between the time then we can easily shift our all works to the another tool
  6. We can easily backup our data and can track for errors.
  7. The long time support is provided by the providers.
  8. We can easily manage a large system and can distribute globally on the basis of location.
  9. Because of the easy interface and service guide, anyone can easily deploy their system to the cloud.

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