Student Marksheet program in python programming language

In this tutorial, we are going to make a simple student mark sheet or mark list program in a python programming language. using this program a student can enter their Name, Roll Number, University Name, Father's Name, and marks of their university exam. after that based upon the marks, the program can print the mark sheet of the student that he fails or pass.

Student Marksheet program in python programming language

Introduction to python [Marksheet] program.

To understand this project you need to have some knowledge about python programming. such as how lists work and how to add and delete the data from the list and how the print function works in python programming.

If you are a beginner in python programming then this is a useful project for you. you can either modify this program and use it in your project. also, my suggestion is that you first try to create this project on your own and if you stuck at any point then you can use my code for reference or help.
 # python program to print the student mark sheet

subjects = ["Chemistry", "C Programming", "Mathematics",
            "Environment", "Electrical & Electronics", "Machine Engineering"]
subjcode = ["CH-102", "CS-102", "MA-111", "CS-107", "EE-101", "ME-101"]
midmarks = []
semmarks = []
count = MTotal = 0

name = input("Enter your Name ")
fname = input("Enter your Father Name ")
rnumber = input("Enter your Roll Number ")
college = input("Enter your college Name ")

for x in subjects:
    a = int(input("Enter midterm marks for " + x))
    b = int(input("Enter semester marks for " + x))

print("\n\n\t\t********************** YOUR RESULT *********************\n\n")
print("\t\tCOLLEGE: ", college)
print("\n\t\tNAME:        ", name, "\t\tFATHER NAME: ", fname)
print("\n\t\tROLL NUMBER: ", rnumber)

print("\n\t\t SUBJECTS             MARKS1     MARKS2    TOTAL")
for (x, y, z) in zip(subjcode, midmarks, semmarks):
    print("\n\t\t", x, "             ", y, "       ", z, "       ", y+z)
    MTotal = MTotal + y + z
    if y+z < 44:
        count = count + 1

if count == 0:
    print("\n\t\tTOTAL MARKS: ", MTotal, "\t\tRESULT: PASS")
    print("\n\t\tTOTAL MARKS:", MTotal, "\t\tRESULT: FAIL")

Student Marksheet program in python programming language

Student Marksheet program in python programming language

Conditions/Logic for a student to pass the exam

To pass the university exam a student needs to have at least a total of 44 number or marks in all particular subjects including midterm marks and semester marks.

Also if a student has 0 marks in the midterm exam and 44 marks in the semester exam then also a student passes the particular subject exam.

Student Marksheet program in python programming language

Condition/logic for a student to fail in the exam

If a student does not have at least 44 marks in any one subject then he fails. so we need to print the fail in the program.

Student Marksheet program in python programming language

Explanation of Program

Here in the above program first we define the subjects list in which we define the subject names and then we define a subcode list that consists of subject codes. and then we define the two empty list midmarks and semmarks and two variables count and MTotal and initialize its values to zero.

after that, we are taking the input from the user name, fname, number, and college using the input method. after that using for loop we are taking the input for the subject marks and storing them in the midmarks and semmarks list using the append method.

after that using the print method we are print the college name, student name, his father's name, and his roll number. and after that, we are printing the subject code, midterm marks, semester marks, and a total number of marks in a separate line using for loop as you could see in the given above image.

and using the count variable we are finding that if there is any subject for which the total number of marks is less than 44 then we print the FAIL message on the screen. otherwise, we print the PASS message on the screen.

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