Database Management System(DBMS) Applications

A database management system is a concept of managing data using interrelated concepts and a set of programs to access those data. The database management system database usually refers to the collection of data that contain information related to an enterprise.

DBMS is used to provide a way to store the collected data in such a way so the retrieval of that data becomes so efficient and convenient. and this management system can manage the large size of information or data.

while when we use Database management, it also involves both defining structures for the storage of information and providing mechanisms for the manipulation of information. and it also ensures the safety of information stored, and despite system crashes or attempts of unauthorized access.

In the world of technology, data is so important for an organization and DBMS has a large body of concepts and techniques for managing the data.

Database Management System(DBMS) Applications
DBMS Applications

Database System Applications

  • Sales: For storing information about customers, products, and purchase information.
  • Accounting: For storing payments, receipts, account balances, and other accounting information.
  • Human resources: For storing information about employee's salaries, payrolls, benefits, paychecks, and other information.
  • Manufacturing: For management of supply chain, tracking production, and tracking the warehouses and stores.
  • Online retailers: For storing sales data, order tracking, recommendation list, and maintenance of online product evaluations.
  • Banking: For storing customer information, accounts, loans, and banking transactions.
  • Finance: For storing about sales, shares, purchase of stocks, bonds, and storing real-time market data, and also used for automation of trading.
  • Universities: For storing information about students, course registrations, grades, and human resources accounting.
  • Airlines: For schedule information reservations and tickets.
  • Telecommunications: For keeping records of calls, monthly bills and maintain balances, prepaid and postpaid recharges.

Purpose of Database System

Before DBMS all the data are used to store in the file management system. just like if we want to store the data of a user then we need to make a new file to store the data of that user. and if in the future we want to add new data or store the data of new users then we need to make a new file. so it becomes very difficult to handle all this information because of the irrelevance of data.

so to solve this problem DBMS is developed. apart from that several more reasons are solved by the DBMS are shown below.

Data redundancy and inconsistency - the same information may be reflected in two places. like the student's address may be stored by the proctor section and the head of the department. but using the file system if we make any change to one address, it can't be changed in another file. but using DBMS we can change the data at one place and the same could reflect the other places as well.

Difficulty in accessing data - Another thing is that the file system does not have any specific structure to store the information. so we can't retrieve the information in one place from all the files. but using the DBMS we can retrieve all the data about a user from any place.

Data isolation - while using the file system a user can store the information in different formats like text, binary code, or program format. so it becomes difficult to access the different formats of data to retrieve. but using DBMS we can store all type of data in the same format and retrieve easily.

Integrity problems - We can also define some constraints that will help us to store the right information or data. just like the amount can't be store in a negative format.

Security problem - As we can see that not every user can update their own information. like a student can't update the fee using the proctor section. but a specific user can do that. so in DBMS, we can decide some rules so that a specific user can see a piece of specific information.

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