In this HackerEarth Roy and Profile Picture problem solution, Roy wants to change his profile picture on Facebook. Now Facebook has some restrictions over the dimension of pictures that we can upload.
The minimum dimension of the picture can be L x L, where L is the length of the side of the square.

Now Roy has N photos of various dimensions.
Dimension of a photo is denoted as W x H
where W - width of the photo and H - Height of the photo

When any photo is uploaded following events may occur:

[1] If any of the width or height is less than L, user is prompted to upload another one. Print "UPLOAD ANOTHER" in this case.
[2] If width and height, both are large enough and
(a) if the photo is already square then it is accepted. Print "ACCEPTED" in this case.
(b) else user is prompted to crop it. Print "CROP IT" in this case.

Given L, N, W and H as input, print appropriate text as output.

hackerEarth Roy and Profile Picture problem solution

HackerEarth Roy and Profile Picture problem solution.

def roy_and_profile_pic():
    L = input()
    N = input()
    for t in xrange(N):
        W,H = map(int,raw_input().split())
        if W < L or H < L:
            print 'UPLOAD ANOTHER'
            if W == H:
                print 'ACCEPTED'
                print 'CROP IT'

second solution

for i in range(n):
    if w<l or h<l: print "UPLOAD ANOTHER"
    elif w==h: print "ACCEPTED"
    else: print "CROP IT"